Author Topic: Toybrota's 22R build  (Read 47922 times)

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Re: Toybrota's 22R build
« Reply #330 on: Feb 26, 2019, 01:55:00 PM »
Here's how all the plugs came out. Got about 16mpg last tank, probably attributed to carrying the heavy dirtbike for 60 miles.

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The plugs are slightly reddish brown only on the one side. They don't look too far off to how they looked when I pulled them 1000 miles ago. Looks slightly lean. I actually had a small vacuum leak from the side intake plug. Well, it was bad enough for me to spin it out with my hand. Could this be completely attributed to the slightly lean looking plugs? Who knows. Sprayed carb clean in and under and around the intake runners where they meet the head, no change in idle. Same with carb base.

A video of it running. The slight miss is barely even noticeable.
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