Author Topic: Toybrota's 22R build  (Read 47722 times)

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Re: Toybrota's 22R build
« Reply #210 on: Dec 23, 2018, 04:09:16 PM »
The small stuff of left to do:

-Pan seal
-Vacuum lines
-Rad clean/install
-prime oil system
-transmission fill (Synthetic Mobil Gear oil as suggested by Gnarly)
-Oil Prime
-Distributor time

Small list easily done in a few cold days.
Thinking about warming the motor up with a space heater prior to first start up. Dumb idea or good idea?

Title came for it as well, I lucked out for Registration prices. It was $70 for my Xtracab, no emissions or safety. I expect it to be similar for this truck.

I may take it to an emissions place to see how far off the pipe readings are once it's broken in, I'm curious how clean these de-smogged 22R's run. Cat is staying.

Oh and carpet, can't stand bare floors!

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