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Re: TRevv's TRunner
« on: Jul 12, 2017, 02:22:53 PM »
Looking through 4 runners (mostly 2nd gen, and 3rd gen, not a fan of 1st gen) here and there, not really having money for one until i sell my truck, but just looking, dreaming, drooling. This 2nd gen 4runner randomly pops up on a local 4wd page i follow on facebook. runs but over heats (3.0 problem), stock, unmolested, automatic trans...$400.  Of course this catches my attention.  Not a fan of the 3.0, but i dont have the money to buy anything new enough to have a 3.4, and i wont wheel an automatic, its just not in me.  But for $400... i can put a man trans in it, and maybe later put a 3.4 in it.  I call the guy and make sure he has a pink slip for this car ( i dont want to buy stolen property) he does.  Im there. Start checking everything out. ***wait... is this a 2wd 4runner? did i not notice looking at the pics or ask that? but im already planning a SAS and a trans swap, so i guess it doesn't matter. talked the guy down to 350 with "oh i wasnt expecting a 2wd, idk if i want it" went to fire it up, battery was junk, pulled mine out of my truck and it fired right up.  The guy looks at me and says "Oh my god, its never started that easy, i dont know if i want to sell it now" haha, i didnt drive down here to work on your stuff for free buddy, no we already agreed on 350.  drove it on to the trailer, handed him his money, got the pink and was on my way home.
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