Author Topic: The Diablo Rojo: An ordinary Toyota becomes a field truck  (Read 10704 times)

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... First, I found a study....

Hi Lewis,

Remember I stated…

“There are physiological reasons why the human eye cannot see as well with red filtered light at night.  The red light at night is a misconception, depending upon what you are viewing and at what distances.”

Red light is more taxing on your eyes and ocular system… one of the reasons pilots prefer green-blue light over red.

Well… I understand your thinking, and it sounds like it works for you.  Everyone’s eyes can be different physiologically. There are people who say that can see ultraviolet light.

When I read your post it read like you are planning to drive your vehicle in some level of darkness with the headlights off, just your red filtered cabtop light while wanting to observe mammal wildlife.

The amount of intensity that you will need to light up the smallest area in your visible terrain for you to see any kind of detail will be high.

Now, regarding red light for your night vision, like many scientific studies, there is the hypothetical, the theoretical, the anecdotal evidence, the experiments, there is correlation, there are facts – which can sometimes can be quite debatable, and I’m sure there are PhDs out there who will present antithetical discourse.  So, it’s up to you to decide who’s theory, experiments, facts or truths you want to believe.

My prediction is that you will end up with a green filter on that neat light after testing the red filter and comparing it to a non-filtered white light.  Your success with seeing mammals will be by adjusting the intensity and perhaps just parking the vehicle.  Many animals can sense heat (infrared).  The size of your body, and much more, the size of your truck will be easily detected by most nocturnal wild life.  Most mammals will have superior hearing to humans and will also sense your presence.  It will be interesting to know what animals and how many you will see.

Good discussion.

Gnarls. :inthedark:
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