Author Topic: Early Toyota trucks are disappearing from the USA!  (Read 4141 times)

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Re: Early Toyota trucks are disappearing from the USA!
« on: Jul 20, 2017, 02:59:52 AM »
Good god, I'm getting real worried now. I have some kill switches I'm gonna wire in, probably sleep in the back too

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I'm always worried about theft.  These truck are REALLY desired.  I have a steering wheel bar so that will slow a thief down for a few minutes.  A hidden kill switch also slows them down some.  The audible alarm probably helps deter a less sophisticated thief.

If the thief is the high caliber kind, and they want your vehicle bad enough, it doesn't matter what anti-theft devices you have installed, they will steal it.

Some years ago, my boss drove an $80,000 Porche. He parked it in an underground parking area, live guard at a gate, with walking security guards roaming the parking areas 24/7.  He had the most sophisticated alarm you could install at the time.  It was a very busy high rise business building in downtown Los Angeles.

Thieves got it in the middle of the day!

When I get my truck running right and driving it every day, I will be installing some anti-theft devices, just to give me some piece of mind.  There are some trace tracking devices I will be looking at.

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