Author Topic: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!  (Read 12749 times)

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Re: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!
« Reply #60 on: Apr 09, 2020, 10:58:47 AM »
On diet. It doesn't really matter the species of animal, or even plant for that matter, everything has a specific diet. Dogs, in the wild are considered to be fully carnivorous as they only killed and ate other animals. Of that the dog actually got it's vegetation related nutrients from the digestive tract of the animal being eaten. Basically pre-processed/digested materials that made them easily processed by the dog( I say 'dog' but it refers to all primarily carnivorous animals), it's why they have difficulties digesting vegetation. Watch just about aby carnivore eat an animal it killed, the guts are eaten before the rest of the body. Also, the digestive tract contains various enzymatic and microbial constituents that are beneficial, it's why they eat turds. Diet is also determined by the geologic location the animal originated. This doesn't mean the animal won't eat things that aren't meat, or they're not supposed to eat, just like people they'll eat what they like, bananas, carrots, candy, shoes, wires, etc..
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