Author Topic: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!  (Read 15594 times)

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Re: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!
« Reply #60 on: Jan 11, 2020, 03:22:01 PM »
Gnarls, I hate to hear that your friends lost one. I was raised with dogs. We had working dogs and pets. As an adult I carry on the tradition of hunting with dogs and having pets as well. I feed then calu pak purple bag. They all like it, it keeps them full of energy and healthy weighted. My deer dogs may run 50-60 miles in a day and they keep a great figure on the purple bag. I am no nutritionist but I do pay attention to their stool and keep notice of anything that changes in their appearance and attitudes.


Thank you.  You are most likely in a minority as a dog lover.  :beerchug:

 Caru is a very high quality food!  :thumbs:

Yes.. checking poop can very often give you clues about what’s going on with a dog’s digestive system.  :gap:

As you said, observing and analyzing your dog’s behavior will tell you a lot of information about what’s going in their head and their body.  :yesnod:

Dog’s ancestral wolf DNA makes them intrinsically try to hide or suppress showing illness, injuries, or pain.  In the wild, showing injury or sickness would signal a predator of their weakness and would then become prey.  I can tell immediately when one of my dogs is in pain or feeling sick by their body movements and facial expression. :greengrin:

Gnarls.  :thumbsup:
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