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Re: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!
« Reply #60 on: Jan 11, 2020, 03:53:54 AM »
Recently one my fellow avid dog-lovers had to put down one of their 4 very beloved rescue dogs.  The vet could not conclusively determine the cause of ailment that sadly and eventually required the dog being euthanized.  Based upon what they told me, I suspect that diet may be a contributing factor.  Knowing that I am an eccentric animal lover, we had a discussion about the loss of their beloved family member. 

From that discussion I put in black and white some of my thoughts and shared them.

The subject of dog food, nutrition, manufacturing, marketing, regulations, and testing is deep and wide.  There is lots of controversary, deception, misinformation, and lot of just plain male bovine feces promoted and spread by ignorance and greedy profit-focused suppliers.  Like politics and human food, big companies “pay to play”. What does that mean to the average dog owner?  Too many dog owners are clueless, and sadly, many believe what they see in a typical dog food commercial.

The choice of dog food is very critical for the quality health of your pet.  Why?  How many different foods do you feed your dog…. 1 or 2 or maybe 3?  Unlike humans who get to eat all kinds of food as a source of our dietary needs and pleasure, dogs typically are fed one food day after day, week after week.  So that food must to be very high quality, and meet all the needs of that animal’s dietary requirements, including desirable taste and emotional satisfaction.  By the way, how many of you have tasted your dog’s dog food?

A small percentage of us will take time to research and educate ourselves.  The problem is who and what do you believe, and how does a dog owner sift through the Bravo Sierra to get to the facts and the truth?  You have to spend some time doing serious research and educate yourself. 

Dog food is one of the most common causes of illness and health issues.  It doesn’t matter if the dog lives in Nicaragua or California – their digestive systems are the same.

Like our human medical doctors, it is disturbing, to say the least, that most veterinarians rarely discuss DIET or food when diagnosing a problem.  Prescribing a supplement, a drug, or some medical procedure is usually the first recommended treatment. When a food sensitivity or food allergy is actually suspected, then they suggest their favorite brand of prescription dog food – and usually the most expensive dog food available.

A dog’s digestive system has a high level of hydrochloric acid to break down proteins – way more than humans.  Dogs do not have the enzymes to break down vegetables – like humans.   So feeding a dog a vegetarian diet is not healthy and can be very dangerous.  Giving a dog cooked carrots or other vegetables as a treat once in a while may not cause digestive issues.  ANY vegetable should be cooked and NOT raw.  Vegetables should not be a main part of a healthy diet for dogs. Dogs need protein, specific vitamins and minerals, and clean water.

Dogs do not digest fats, sugar, sodium, or carbohydrates well.  The fat content in a typical Thanksgiving turkey is enough to cause mild to deadly pancreatitis in a dog.  A hot dog is NOT a healthy treat.  Feeding a dog human food from your plate is dumb and dangerous.  Fat content in dog food should be carefully monitored.  Ingredient labels on dog food is deceptive.  Almost all dog food ingredients list “minimum” content and NOT maximum content.  Maximum content is critical to know when monitoring a specific food related health issue.  Generally speaking, dogs are lactose (milk sugar) intolerant and should not be fed any dairy products, including cheese.  If a very small amount of cheese is given as a treat once in awhile, cheddar is lower in lactose.  Longer aged cheese is lower in lactose.
Red colored dog food contains chemicals that are carcinogenic.  Corn in dog food can be very high in aflatoxins or mycotoxins that can liver damage or kill the dog.  Kibble is a common staple for dogs.  When kibble is made it is super heated and produces toxic chemicals.  Feeding dogs raw food or human food is just asking for a major issue that could cost you huge vet bills and worse your beloved pet’s life.

A high quality dog food is no more expensive than cheap crap that can produce unhealthy and serious side effects and very costly vet bills!  Buy and feed your dog the best dog food you can buy. 

There are lots of Dr. Google sites to check out.  Not all provide the truth and the facts.  As a pet owner YOU are responsible for the healthy life of that animal.  Please spend some time to research, read, and educate yourself and family members and make your own decisions on the facts and truth.

NOTE:  The subject of preventive medication and drugs typically prescribed and administered by vets like heartworm medication and vaccines is a whole other topic for discussion and concern.


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