Author Topic: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!  (Read 16287 times)

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Re: For serious dog lovers and everyone else!
« Reply #30 on: Sep 24, 2017, 08:20:42 AM »
One of the hazards and dangers in living in the middle of the desert are some of the critters.  Out walking my two dogs this morning, I was startled by a large Diamondback rattlesnake. The dogs were sniffing around about 12Ē away from it.  I didnít see it immediately.  Thank God it was dead.  Not sure what killed it, but it had not been died very long. This is right in our subdivision. It was just next to the sidewalk 2 doors down from my house.  Itís about 3 feet long, you can see the rattles.

If one of my little dogs (6 and 8 lbs) got bit I donít know what their chances would be at surviving the bite.  An adult rattlesnake only injects venom about 50% of the time.  They have discretion.  The baby rattlers will unload all their venom and donít have control yet, so thatís why they can be more dangerous than an adult.

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