Author Topic: ToyBrota's 85 Xtracab Build up.  (Read 46107 times)

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Re: ToyBrota's 85 Xtracab Build up.
« Reply #360 on: May 17, 2019, 01:25:59 PM »
Some progress moving along on the Xtracab. It's not dead! Just sitting out front of my house. It still runs, and drives. It's borderline unsafe because of the way it pulls when you apply the brakes (Dropped draglink, no torque rod, kinda soft springs, brakes are fine)
 The only fix is cross over steering. I purchased the first piece of this last night, a steering box. This one is power steering equipped (obviously) out of a 1990 4Runner. I paid $140, pretty decent deal.
Came with the pitman arm and the steering shaft U joint. Not that I need one, nice to have a spare.

Next phase, welding this in. I only have 110 at my house, and no welding yet. Getting a harbor freight omnipro 220 for this, it'll plug into my 110.
110 should suffice for this, I'll go with 110 mig. That, or I can weld her up with some 6010 or 7018. Passed 2G plate bend test, should be able to do some simple joints.

I'll most likely be tapping this for hydro assist later, I'll be running a 1KZ in this eventually.

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