Author Topic: ToyBrota's 85 Xtracab Build up.  (Read 46127 times)

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Re: ToyBrota's 85 Xtracab Build up.
« Reply #360 on: Jun 23, 2018, 03:03:06 PM »
Ended up getting the truck, 87' 2WD. Has everything but a motor and transmission. I'm considering parting it out, has some good parts in it.
Namely the igniter, since those are desirable.
The bed has some pretty bad rot, but I don't think it's unfixable. More pictures to come.

I do however like the bed, it's pretty cool.

Debating keeping the truck and swapping a small block Chevy or something in it, making a sleeper like truck. Would be pretty sick.

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