Author Topic: Washington boys head to the ark after the flood...  (Read 1537 times)

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Washington boys head to the ark after the flood...
« on: Feb 14, 2017, 10:34:03 AM »

So despite me wanting to wait until after the Moab trip was in the bag some guy keeps pestering me to get this thread going as well. I suppose he's got a point. There isn't much time separating the two trips. So once again recap: Colorado trip got canceled, two trips this year, one to Moab other to California, yadda yadda, you get the point.

This trip is shaping up as such: Myself, bestgen, and my buddy with his FJ80 will be leaving Washington at the butt crack of pre-dawn on the 9th of September. We will drive straight to the trail-head of the undetermined trail (either Fordyce or High lakes) that day. Setup camp and then wheel that area until we move to the next. We will do this up until the 14th at which time we will head to the trail-head at Loon to meet up with some turtles for the roundup. We will wheel the con and attend the roundup with us leaving early on the 17th to head home to Washington.

I have reached out to many of you CA guys about this trip and I'm hoping to see as many of you guys as possible. Would love to have anyone who wants to come along come not only for the con but for Fordyce and High lakes as well. This trip is just in preliminary stage of planning at this point. As I said I am focused on Moab right now, but I wanted to get the discussion rolling on this one as well.
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Unfortunately it looks Like SqWADoosh is out for the season.  :therethere:
Issues came up with his Link Modifications.
I would like to check and see how many of the California Boys that I can still hook up with If I make the trip.  :help:
Also, If there are any of You from Washington or Oregon that would like to come along on the trip I am up for it.  :phone:
At this point, It looks like Me and two maybes. I am still committed to making the trip on whatever scale the California boys are willing. Please let me know.
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SqWADoosh [04:19 PM]: *sigh* I guess Chris is right and I just need to wait until I'm in a place where I have a tow rig and trailer before I get this caliber of truck
Mudder [08:28 PM]:   not try to be a jerk, but are you serious bestgen?
Prismo [06:11 PM]:   Done, time to relax or as Bestgen says....FREEDOM!
HogCanyonHopper [06:54 PM]:   I like my little rod. it gets the job done
H8PVMNT [03:30 PM]: I can go both ways.


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