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85 toy roller, SBC 350, TH350, link kits, d60&d70...
« on: Jan 31, 2017, 03:59:02 PM »
I'm looking for a wheelable rig with the basics done to it. EITHER A TOYOTA OR A SAMURAI. Needs to be at least solid axle front, 4wd, dual cased or 4.7 single case, and in DRIVABLE FORM. Something with a running engine.
Or if someone would like to purchase all of it as a package deal i will be asking $4,500.

So here's what i have:
Its a 1985 2wd std cab LB- pretty clean body only dings on the body except for the passenger front tire blew out and bent up the fender a little.

Link kits from RUFFSTUFF- I have a 3link w/panhard kit with 1-1/4 heims everything except link material and a dual triangulated 4link also with 1-1/4 heims. Both kits where ordered with 5/8 holes for the hardware. Both kits are still in the boxes that RUFFSTUFF shipped them in.

1 D60/70 diff cover

1 top shift Toyota t-case

Running SBC 350 w/TH350

Front Kingpin D60 out of a dodge

Rear D70b out of a dodge

The story on the truck is i bought i bought it from an in law to daily drive with the 22RE in it, drove it for about a year then sold it to a buddy. He drove it polished it up made it look nice, swapped in a 3.4L out of a 01 4Runner. I guess that wasn't enough for him so he put the TRD supercharger on it with a smaller pulley, 7Th injector, water methanol kit, and a short shift kit. got it to run 13.5 in the 1/4 mile. He then sold the supercharger and all the go fast parts. A mutual friend bought it from him got it running and driving let it sit for a while so i bought it off of him sold the engine to another buddy and its been sitting that way for months now.
Here are some pics from when i got it to when it was in super sleeper mode  :yupyup:

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