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Re: #turdburglar
« Reply #30 on: Dec 14, 2020, 07:33:43 AM »
Frame side panhard bar mount is tac'd in with an EMT panhard hard for the time being. making some progress on setting bump stop locations, driver side is integrated with the panhard mount. Pushed that assembly back as far as possible in an attempt to make some more room for the steering box and pitman arm. Drag link is going to be a chore to stuff in there and will probably need to clearance the frame to make it fit (I know I should just go full hydro). Need to get the passenger side bump mocked up and start cycling and checking clearances. Upper link mount has a cozy home between the frame rail and the oil pan. A little concerned that it may hit either of those when articulating so going to need to spend some time figuring those clearances out.