Author Topic: Miss fire on my 92 Toyota 4x4  (Read 794 times)

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Miss fire on my 92 Toyota 4x4
« on: Oct 20, 2016, 12:54:29 PM »
So I have been dealing with this miss fire for about a year now I've replaced a lot of parts and still have not fixed it so I'll give you the complete history of what I've done so I started with a rebuild of the motor got a new stock block replaced the rings reused the pistons got a me crank new engine builder oversized street even head with the 268 low range cam when it was all new and braking in it ran perfect only time I would developed a miss fire is when the valves where seating a simple valve adjustment and it was fine now with about 40k on the motor I've devolved a constant miss fire in neutral at any rpm you can here it in the exhaust loud and clear under load it's random cuts out in the low rpms after that it drives fine. So what I've replaced since then ignition coil wires cap rotor fuel filter maf sensor cleaned all egr parts 02 sensors spark plugs I have no codes I've tested tps it's fine I did a compression test a couple weeks ago 170 in every cylinder but number 2 it was at 150 put a table spoon of oil in the cylinder retested and it went up to 160 which suggest ring but it's still in good spec I don't believe that should be the cause of such a bad miss fire I have not tested the disturber or the igniter not sure how but if you have any ideas or info on where I should go next it would be much appreciated thank you


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Re: Miss fire on my 92 Toyota 4x4
« Reply #1 on: Oct 21, 2016, 03:58:11 PM »
Hello Friend,
Possible injector or Flat cam.
Have you identified what cyl. is causing the misfire?
That's going to be the first step in the proper diagnoses.
Do you know how to locate the misfiring cyl. ?
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