Author Topic: 3K RPM engine vibration - 20R  (Read 9097 times)

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Re: 3K RPM engine vibration - 20R
« on: Sep 13, 2016, 09:36:36 AM »
So you’re “lazy”, and you want us to solve your vibration problem.  :thumbs:

You got it!  Once we figure it out, I'll let you fix it too.  No way man, thanks for the suggestions.

Well I am running a heat shield on my 22r right now and when it gets loose it is pretty flippin' loud. 

I've been there with some 3rd gens....those things are loud and often tear up when trying to snag a new one at the yard.  All that thin metal and fiberglass fall apart over the years and there goes to the bolt holes.   

OK, I looked back at my post...rookie mistake of poor explanation.  So, when I talk about being in and out of gear, etc.  The vibration occurs when stationary and moving.  I'll double check mounts again ....I've only looked by myself using a crowbar to move the engine around and not watch the mounts during the vibration (or the clutch engagement trick, which is better because I don't like reving it up that high when not in gear). 

Also, can someone comment on symptoms of busted transmission mount?  I have only experienced broken motor mounts (1 of which was in an 81 pick-up).  I would not think a transmission mount would allow vibration when not in gear/pulling.  Or am I completely wrong?

Tuning....not 100% but it's not too bad.  The carb on the 20R is pretty finicky; it's running a little rich but nothing outrageous.  It passed smog not long ago, for whatever that's worth....apparently $80.  I haven't looked at plugs/firing recently, but they were fine 6-8 months back and vibration was present then as well.  Also, the carb does need rebuilding as the water/choke thing is completely non functional and part of the idle return system is broken (there are two springs on these carbs, one is weird and useless looking but is necessary for throttle to return to idle smoothly (I think, been broke as long as I've had it).  You can't replace this spring without completely pulling the carb out and taking apart (bad design).  I have not checked the timing.....I do have a gun, so I should do this. 

Compression is good, checked that a while back (again vibration was present then as well).

Haven't noticed vibration being overly isolated to clutch pedal, but will pay attention at lunch.

My folks are visiting the rest of week and weekend, so I may not have a mount update until next week but will report back then.  Any other ideas in the meantime are always appreciated.  Thanks guys
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