Author Topic: 3K RPM engine vibration - 20R  (Read 9106 times)

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Re: 3K RPM engine vibration - 20R
« on: Sep 12, 2016, 05:05:10 PM »
You say you know you have problems with the clutch so why not fix that before spending money trying to chase a problem?

Ehhhh, I'm lazy and live in an apartment without a garage so pulling the transmission in the street is not really feasible for me, unless i'm 100% sure that's the problem.  And with my ignorance, if I pulled the transmission, I would replace clutch, flywheel, throwout, and pilot.  I'm thinking the odds of spending a lot of money, time, and being right back in the same place are high, with that approach.  Also, I've got higher priority things to do to it if I want to just buy some parts (for the clutch anyways, would totally do clutch if I knew it was culprit for vibration).  .....but Mudder, I do appreciate your input.....I've been watching your engine thread, hopefully, you got it now!

What's everyone's experience with off balanced flywheels?  Is this even related to clutch chatter?  I've been told it would vibrate before 3k if that was the problem.
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