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Re: Gnarly4X's 22RE Rebuild
« Reply #870 on: May 03, 2017, 04:41:13 AM »
Hi andykrow,

Great commentary.

On my question about the lobe misalignment on my cam… Tod said that it is not uncommon and that it won’t cause any issues (paraphrased).

I understand all the aspects of sales, marketing, advertising, distribution, and profit-loss in a sales driven business model.  When I first read Ted’s posts on his Toyota 22 power enhancement products, I challenged him and at that time he could not, or would not share any test data… so I, like many, just had to take his expert “word” on the percentages.  As I recall his oversized valves will add about 7% to 8%.

Dyno numbers… over the years, anytime I had a chance to communicate with a supplier, I always asked for data to backup their claims.  So far, I have not seen any.

The Doug Thorley engineer I met and spoke with back around 1987 said the header I was having installed on my 22RE would increase power about 10%, again I asked for test data….crickets.

From 1977 thru 1986 I ran K&N air filters on all 3 of my sandrails….again I asked for their test data on performance gains and long term use… crickets. Here’s a link to their FAQs… read #2.

It’s my opinion that many advertised power gain numbers are very optimistic, or simply inflated for marketing purposes, and not realistic for the average consumer.

Just my speculation…. If I take my 1985 stock 22R, rated at 96 HP, add a Doug Thorley header and 2.25 exhaust with free-flow and get 8 to 10%, that’s 105.6 HP. Then I add an RV head with over-sized valves, that adds another 7 to 8% - that’s 113 HP. Now install torquey camshaft, that adds 2 to 4%, that totals approximately 116 HP, or an increase of about 20 HP.  Is that reasonable?  I’d love to see an engine dyno test on SuperFlo 902S starting with a factory stock 22R or 22RE and adding a header, a ported head with OS valves, and a torquey cam.

My experience with the 22s is not as long as yours, but my experience is slightly different.  With the modifications I have made on all of my 22s, I could DEFINITELY feel the difference in throttle response, torque, and high end RPM.  I do believe that my butt dyno can, in fact, feel the difference in very small torque number changes.  My 85 factory stock 22R was rated at 96 HP, so small changes to an already under-powered truck was noticeable.

Can you feel the difference when you switch on your AC in your 22RE?  How much in HP or torque numbers is the drag on the engine?

Regarding publically shared product test data and false advertising… why would it not be perfectly legal for a supplier to share test data on a specific engine test with a specific product, with an appropriate disclaimer?

More than one expert Toyota 22 engine builder has told me that the primary restriction to the stock head is the port design.  WITHOUT porting the head - based upon flow bench testing - larger valves, cam profile changes, and opened exhaust will NOT be significant.

How much increase in torque and HP will a $1210 Stage 2 head from 22RE Performance add to my 1986 factory stock 22RE??????.... I don’t know.

Until I see some certified comparison test data, I have to go by the “experts”, Toyota aftermarket suppliers, anecdotal opinions, shared experiences of others, my experiences, and my years of research, and 1000s of hours doing mock pulls on my Engine Analyzer software.

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1986 XtraCab SR5 22RE 5speed W56B, ~26,000 MI after break-in, DIM (Did It Myself) rebuilt engine - .020" over, engnbldr RV head, OS valves, 261C cam, DT Header.


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