Author Topic: Gnarly4X's 22RE Rebuild  (Read 213184 times)

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Re: Gnarly4X's 22RE Rebuild
« Reply #450 on: Feb 10, 2017, 08:40:55 AM »
UPDATE:  2-10-2017

The delays in getting this engine fired is frustrating.  Family issues are a priority, but I am not working at this project hard enough.  :hammerhead:   .... I think old age makes me lazy! :thumbdown:  :shake:

Yesterday I was trying to figure out all the connections in the wire harness and discovered the wire to the Coolant Temp Sensor connector was broken.  It was only holding with 1 copper strand - don't know why Toyota could not have made the wire gauge just a tad bigger?

After finding zero aftermarket options, I emailed Jerry at 22RE Performance, and he instantly replied - gotta love that extraordinary customer service!! - there is NO connector and NO wire harnesses are available. :suprised:

He suggested taking the contact out of the plastic body to solder a new wire. I looked at it carefully and decided trying remove the metal contact would most likely destroy the very crytalized plastic housing and break the thin metal contact.

So I took a very sharp knife, and VERY carefully scraped off the 30 year old insulation around the end of the broken wire.  I soldered on a new wire, and had to drilled a larger hole in the little black seal cap to avoid pushing hard against the metal contact tab as I slid it down the wire and into the connector, and only inserted it partially into the top of connector body - I didn't want to break the little metal contact tab that the wire was connected to.  I used some Ultra Black to seal it back up.

I will slip some heat shrink tubing on the wire and solder the pigtail onto the broken wire harness wire.

This is one of the main reasons why I decided to do this rebuild myself.... God only knows what a "shop" would have done with this part??

Gnarls. :spin:
The question is, do You know what that sensor is and what it does?
I challenge you Gnarls.....
Don't disappoint me, And be careful its not what you think it is. (Hint)
Mine has been deleted. (Hint) If it came in to the Chevron I would have explained what it is, what it does, and your options.
"Extra credit" If you explain how that system works and what it affects.
 :working: (Best of Luck)
I am 1/5th of Perfect Fit
SqWADoosh [04:19 PM]: *sigh* I guess Chris is right and I just need to wait until I'm in a place where I have a tow rig and trailer before I get this caliber of truck
Mudder [08:28 PM]:   not try to be a jerk, but are you serious bestgen?
Prismo [06:11 PM]:   Done, time to relax or as Bestgen says....FREEDOM!
HogCanyonHopper [06:54 PM]:   I like my little rod. it gets the job done
H8PVMNT [03:30 PM]: I can go both ways.


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