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Then this past weekend we finished half the project by hauling away the old soil, and while I'm not particularly proud of this accomplishment, it was quite the experience! :ack:

I originally planned to hire someone from Craigslist to come haul off the load, but the cheapest quote I could find was $550... I knew this would be a lot of work but figured with help I could do it and it wouldn't be too bad since we have a compost dump only ~3 miles from my house. I called up my best friend who came over and we began shoveling.

Since the time we removed the soil, it had rained quite a lot so I had the pile covered with a large tarp. When we began shoveling it to our trailer, the dirt was damp and although it didn't seem like "a lot" of dirt, it took us three hours to transfer it all onto the trailer :suprised:

Check out the other 3rd gens in the background: Cement = neighbor's, White = my best friend's. Both of them purchased due to my recommendation of how cool the new Tacoma is :cool:

While loading our 18' car trailer we realized straightaway that this was a lot of weight...

I only had a 2 to 3 mile trip and so long as my rear bumper doesn't fall off I'll be okay (after bobbing [shortening] my bed 6-inches, my rear bumper is only held on my 6 bolts instead of the factory 10).

We spent extra time trying to avoid excessive tongue weight but there wasn't much we could do about it.

It rained again that night so I tarped the trailer and the next day headed off to the dump.

Holy smokes what a load!!

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