Author Topic: BigMike's Big Journey: A 2016 Tacoma Build Thread  (Read 278939 times)

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RCV Ultimate IFS Axles Generation 1 details (now discontinued):
  • Inner CV Joint: Dana 44-size, 30-spline, Porsche 930
  • Misalignment: 28-degrees! (stock: 25-degrees)

  • Outer CV Joint: Dana 60-size, 35-spline
  • Misalignment: 45-degrees

  • Center shaft material: 4340 Chromoly
  • CV Boots: Patented "Spherical" boot mount design, Grease Maintenance Required

RCV Ultimate IFS Axles Generation 2 details (now standard for all new orders):
  • Inner CV Joint: Dana 60-size, 35-spline, New Double Offset design <--- Improved former weakspot!
  • Misalignment: 30-degrees!! (stock: 25-degrees)
    • Because RCLT HD uses horizontal ball joints that have no downtravel limit, every degree only makes RCLT HD that much better. Thank you RCV!

  • Outer CV Joint: Dana 60-size, 35-spline
  • Misalignment: 45-degrees

  • Center shaft material: 300M proprietary Chromoly <--- Improved former weakspot!
  • CV Boots: Traditional boot mount design, Maintenance-free
#RCLT HD Driver Side :D I missing something here?  Have you intentionally left something out?

Genuine CV shafts are 30 spline both inner and outer.

The fact your referencing a 35spline inner and outer RCV shaft makes me question what else have you done here?

Are you running different upgraded whel bearings/hubs that accommodate the 35spine shaft through your new steering knuckles/spindles?

That I can understand....what I cannot understand is how you get a 35spline inner shaft into a standard 30 splines front differential.......

LC200 and Tundra run a 34spline front diff as standard......have you upgraded your front diff or modified in some way to accommodate the 35 spline inner shaft?????


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