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May 2-9, 2019: Finally upgrading my rear suspension! (continued)

And here are the results!! :D

Shot of the raised cross-over section before the new Y-pipe. You can see all the rock rash on that pipe and now it's up higher than my T/Case... finally!! Very nice

Detail up and over the track bar. They installed a clamp here so the exhaust can be removed if needed without having to take apart the suspension. Also, very nice!

Below is the new muffler location! Again, RST's 3-link does not require this; You can still mount your spare tire. I carry a high quality plug kit rather than a spare (where would I put a 40" spare?!) so placing the muffler here was an easy decision for me. The muffler is the same sized stainless steel MagnaFlow, only just a single entry & exist variant. Comparison details:

Old muffler:
MagnaFlow 12580 (
5" tall X 11" wide oval X 22" long
Dual 2.25" inlet
Single 2.5" outlet

New muffler:
MagnaFlow 12586 (
5" tall X 11" wide oval X 22" long (same as before)
Single 2.5" inlet
Single 2.5" outlet (same as before)

I had them place the muffler up high for my rear tube bumper plans, so the location/shape/style of the tip is not important but this is what they came up with which I thought came out REALLY nice!! They told me, "We like our exhaust systems to be heard & not seen" and yeah, they do some awesome work. I cannot recommend this shop enough for muffler work

Overall I am extremely pleased with the work they did and how this all came out. Once I got out on the road, yes, the neat low RPM tones are gone, which is a bummer, and also the system is more quiet than before which I wasn't expecting. Nevertheless, very happy with the work and can't wait to get this truck dialed in and back on a trail!!!
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