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Thank you Max!
You, always with the good observations ;) Yes, the mount is higher, however, I am hoping that for those already running 7" to 8" coilovers will be able to reuse them based on the following:
1) If you're interested in RCLT then it's because you're looking to run 35" or taller tires, and
2) If you're running 35" or taller tires with LT already then your coils are likely cranked down a bit to gain sufficient lift for 35" or taller tires, and finally
3) Hopefully your same LT coilovers can be reused by adjusting their upper coil perch up most of the way.

For example, the upper perches of my old 7.75" Fox coilovers were cranked down 2.2" from the top which means I could have reused them without any issues by raising each perch. In fact, in CAD I actually used the specs for my Fox coilovers (P/N 880-02-953) when designing RCLT. This was fine and dandy but I cannot tell in CAD how much actual lift this is unless I had the entire truck drawn up.

So when I had Radflo make my coilovers, I gave them RCLT's minimum compressed length and requested to make as long of a shock stroke as possible with that minimum shock length. A major added benefit of RCLT's lower shock mount placement is that the distance under the coil can be very short without interfering with the axle shaft -- because the axle shaft at times is actually below the lower shock mount!! -- something that is not possible without an angled LCA. So RCLT allows for a very short lower eyelet mount under the coil which conserves space to have a longer stroke shock.

Side note: I was originally planning to reuse my same Fox coilovers and switch to shorter lower eyelets, but when we became a Radflo distributor it was a no brainer to work direct with a manufacture and get everything updated in one shot.

For reference, my old Fox shocks are advertised to have a stroke of 7.715-inch, yet my new Radflos are about an inch shorter overall yet have a longer stroke at 7.87-inch. win-win :beerchug:

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I thought something like that might be the case.

May 2-9, 2019: Finally upgrading my rear suspension! (continued)

Wow... We never had to worry about this with the older Hilux trucks. C-channel frames are a joke.

We don't have that problem with Hilux's  :smokin:  Full boxed chassis, always have been.

Speaking of which,   your Rock Crawling Suspension design is getting a bit of interest this side of the pond, on various Toyota 4x4 FB Groups.   As you know we have our own issues with engineering and legalities of some aspects of your kit if we were to run that here,  BUT....there are aspects and components of the kit I think could work, and would be legal should this be something you find may be of interest at some stage in the future.

1. Standard track width versions of the Upper and Lower RC arms - with the ability combined together to move hub position a good inch forward.
2. Upgraded spindle/steering knuckle
3. RH drive version of the Mar-Rack with the upgraded tie rods.

Aim to run full sized 35's with out a mount chop would satisfy a large section of the Toyota IFS community here, with the added strength and reliability of the rest of the kit.

Keep up the good work, myself, along with many others enjoy the updates and technical write-ups. :beerchug: :thumbs:


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