Author Topic: BigMike's Big Journey: A 2016 Tacoma Build Thread  (Read 273185 times)

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May 2-9, 2019: Finally upgrading my rear suspension! (continued)

Subjective Ride Comparison 2 of 3:
It has now gone from the RCLT HD front of being 8 times smoother riding than the rear, to now the rear being 2 times smoother than the front!!

It will take some tuning to get everything dialed in just right. A LOT has changed with @SlowestTacoma and I'm gonna need to relearn how to wheel it. For the rear to ride this soft without any gear, it is too soft. Either that or the front spring rate is too high..? The quick solution is shorter 10" but higher 250 lb rate rear upper coils ... but I still don't know how far RCLT HD will compress when flexed out so this can't be determined yet. I've got a lot of work remaining until she's trail worthy again; Installing new 80" Marlin Crawler Rock Sliders being the least of my concerns at this point.

Again, my fault on the ride height, and obviously the rear panhard isn't meant to have such a poor angle. Hopefully lowering it 2-inches will help a lot. If not no big deal, I'll just raise the axle mount and level it out.

Driving the truck around without a muffler was quite interesting. Here I am working from yet another cafe while I waited for my muffler appointment

Finally at the muffler shop!

While waiting they had some rad cars show up including a super clean 3rd gen Supra with a huge single turbo and a couple 1950s and 60s low riders

Finally on the lift!

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