Author Topic: BigMike's Big Journey: A 2016 Tacoma Build Thread  (Read 269973 times)

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May 2-9, 2019: Finally upgrading my rear suspension! (continued)

Frame prep'd

Wow... We never had to worry about this with the older Hilux trucks. C-channel frames are a joke. You guys have seen how I pack for trips; Most of my gear is in the cab and I usually only pack two or so recovery gear boxes in the bed. I feel sorry for the frames used under rigs with popup tents, tons of expedition gear, heavy bed cages, rear tire & fuel can swing-out carriers, etc... Toyota: Please bring us the 70-series Land Cruiser so we can have a real man's Toyota truck once again in America!

RST's fabricator told me they see this all the time with Tacomas, but he at least did complement the 3rd gen's apparent "High Strength Steel" material commenting on how it was much harder to collapse the frame back into it's original position. He also mentioned how it is more resistant to grinding and how it welds differently than 1st and 2nd gen frames. Nevertheless, I'll take the fully boxed frame of the 1979-95 Toyota minitrucks any day over this "high strength" c-channel frame.

I was hard to capture the right angle by camera. It looked worse in person

Boxing it up like it should have come from the factory!

This Tacoma is no stranger to deep night work!

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