Author Topic: BigMike's Big Journey: A 2016 Tacoma Build Thread  (Read 347936 times)

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May 1, 2019: First Road Trip on RCLT HD!

The very next morning with less than 10 miles on RCLT HD Prototype V2.0 I loaded up and headed south for a 500 mile round-trip journey to the Los Angeles area!

And HOLY CRAP guys this front end rides LIGHT YEARS BETTER than the one-off prototype LT setup I've been running all these trails with. Unbelievably better!!

It rides WAY smoother, corners WAY better, comes out of corners WAY better, drives PERFECTLY STRAIGHT at 75 MPH on the highway, and is simply everything I could ever ask for thus far.

I've been intentionally driving up and off curbs all over the place and am completely amazed at how the front end sucks up bumps, NOTHING like my old LT setup.

I can NOT WAIT to get this baby out on a trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RCLT HD. Amazing.

And I thought the rear leaf spring setup was a pile of crap before??? The front suspension is SO GOOD that now the rear suspension is SIMPLY UNBEARABLE!!!!!!! What can I do to improve the crappy rear suspension??

Coffee break, south end of Bakersfield, CA

Filling up in "what am I doing here" Tujunga, CA

Eat your heat out automatic owners!! Ha! And this INCLUDES going up and over the Grape Vine! (~ 4,000 ft climb & descent)

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