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April 8, 2019: Finished Constant Vdd power source (Post 2 of 2)

Here is the finale to my constant power source mod!

Ripped the console back apart. This pic shows an anti-static bag I put the LVD device in. I could have used some small hobby box but I couldn't be bothered.

The keen eye will notice in the above image that I've installed a switch next to the factory console power outlet I worked on 3/21. The switch is one of those nice heavy duty 20A metal switches

Heavy-Duty Electrical Toggle Switch, SPST

The current throughput (A) is as follows:
Switch rating @ 12vdc: 20A
Low Voltage Disconnect Module rating @ 12vdc: 20A
Constant power inline fuse: 15A
  (same as factory power outlet fuse)
All good!

The switch is thoughtfully positioned as follows:
1. Down position = off, prevents accidental activation, and
2. Located to the left side of the power outlet such that it doesn't take up any extra space when the little door is open and the little door helps prevent the switch from being accidentally turned off

Next, I miss the constant USB power I've installed in my '81 Hilux so I finally got that added to the Taco. Now I can charge my GoPro & cell phone overnight without needing the key in the ACC position.

X never ever marks the spot. - Dr Jones

Installed! There are a few of these QC3.0 USB outlets on Amazon and I went with this brand based on reviews.

The reason I wanted this style device is because I am running this through the Low Voltage Disconnect device set to 10.7v, I can use the digital read-out to check on the current battery circuit (loaded) :)

YonHan Quick Charge 3.0

However at the moment I cannot quite yet recommend this device. Both power outlets work and my iPhone detects amperage at 2.5 A which is good, but the voltage display is off.

When the YonHan device reads 12.1 vdc (unloaded, steady-state), my multimeter reads 12.38...

I verified the same 12.38 volts exists at both my dash-mounted power outlet I installed more than a year ago (via ACC key position) and directly at the battery.

So the YonHan is defective. I've requested a replacement from Amazon and will update this post later

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