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March 29, 2017: The Meat of the matter (continued)

At this point I had a decision to make:
1. Keep my original 6-speed manual transmission-type transfer case with it's electric shift solenoid,
2. Replace it with a 6-speed manual transmission-type transfer case from a FJ Cruiser which uses a manual top-shift shift handle (just like our older Hilux pickups!)

I decided to keep my original t/case with electric shift solenoid. The reason is three-fold as 1) I like to keep parts original as much as I can and it would be neat to retain it, 2) while I've heard horror stories of dust, grime, and water getting into the electric shift solenoids causing them to not function, I've already got a nice push dial on my dash and I'd like to keep it and see how it does for a few years (we make the most successful seals on the market,  Marlin Crawler EcoSeals, so if this does prove an issue then we will flat-out resolve it), and 3) not everyone is willing to give up a cup holder so I'm planning to design a proper remote shift setup that will satisfy Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, T100, and Tundra customers alike.

Next is an issue with my manual-transmission-type t/case input spline count.

When Toyota introduced the 6-speed manual transmission, they finally made a man-sized input gear, namly the 19-spline. This input is massive compared to the older 6-cyl manual transmission's 23-spline input of the golden years (adopted from the 1986 Turbocharged 22R-TE 4cyl & still in use after all these years). Starting with the 2nd gen Tacoma, there are two 6cyl spline types offered: The traditional 23-spline input (auto applications) and the new, massive 19-spline input (manual applications). Unfortunately for us our world-famous Double-Roll output coupler/mainshaft bearing does not have a large enough ID to accept the 19-spline t/case input. Marlin already designed a solution for the 19-spline back in 2006 but demand has been too low to produce it. Little by little things like this are going to be changing as we move deeper into newer Toyota models.

So currently the only way to install a Marlin Crawler Dual Case into a Tacoma, which since 2001 is known as a "TacoBox", is to use the 23-spline automatic-type t/case input. I cracked open my t/case of only 8,000 miles to perform an input gear conversion :)

While looking things over I noticed my freak'n oil pump is already galling!!

Here you can see a lot of wear on the softer aluminum housing:

What's up Toyota? Only 8K miles and my t/case oil pump has noticable wear? Not much I can do now beings I've open up the t/case (bubye warranty) but I'm sure glad I noticed it. I promptly ordered a new pump gear & housing from Toyota -- which was delivered with perfectly smooth polished surfaces.

When changing to the smaller 23-spline automatic-transmission-type input we must also change to it's matching t/case nose cone. So here we have automatic input and nose cone installed onto my manual t/case:

Now we are finally ready for some MARLIN CRAWLER MAGIC!

The test mule is a modified MC11 USA-made Billet Aluminum Dual Case adapter with our signature double-roller maximum capacity 32-ball count main bearing now for the first time ever utilizing our Extreme Duty lower cage bearing:

New Instagram: @SlowestTacoma

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