Author Topic: toyota t-cases with a jeep tranny to get a dual setup on the t-cases?  (Read 26092 times)

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hey guys i jave been lookin for this info for about 2 years im wanting to do a good 4.0 in my toyota truck and i have always been really fond of the motors so thank you for the info


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I just put duals with a r150 behind a 4.0 in my stretched YJ. I also put a G54 with a toy t-case with 4.7:1 in my friends 4cyl. TJ. Both work great. Thanks for all the info guys.


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Lol update....

Still dreaming lmao I'm too broke for this sh*t
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Any of you that have done the AX5 input shaft conversion to the G54 trans.  Do you still have the G54 input shaft laying around? I need a good shape and useable G54 input shaft for my G54. If so let me know a price plus shipping to 98391 WA state please. Thanks

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I know Greg knows this by now, but I'd like to reply to prevent future confusion,

The AX5 is equivalent to the W56, not the G54.

Correction: The AX5 is equivalent to the G54 & G58. My mistake.

Actually, the Jeep AX5 is the same as a Toyota G54 or G58 transmission.
If your AX5 is a 1984-1988 model, then it is the G54.
If your AX5 is a 1989-2000 model, then it is the G58.

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so, I may have missed it, whats the ability to get the 23 spline cases behind a toy auto like the A340f? or the Heep equivilent? Is there the possibility to swap out the output and rear like on the manuals? (sorry if I missed it...)
I already have dual cases and would love to figure a way to do this without buying yet another adapter.

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in works for new body and exo, motor and trans swap...


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Anyone have spare AX15 parts?

I need just the front bearing retainer (front cover with tube for throwout bearing)from an AX15 you're not using.

I am putting a Toy R150 behind a GM3800. I have the AX15 bell from a Dodge Dakota, and have the AX15 input shaft swapped in, but need the front bearing cover that goes to the AX15. Apparently the snout on the R150 cover is shorter and smaller diameter than the AX15 one and my throwout bearing is sloppy!

I've got the R150 cover and R150 input shaft--and an R150 bellhousing if anyone needs them for an AX15 behind a Toy engine project!


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