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transmission rebuilding information
« on: Dec 29, 2005, 09:00:16 PM »
I have been looking through some old posts and found quite a few with questions,

my 91 ifs truck had a w56 that puked all the oil out of the input shaft seal, and try as I might I was never able to find one in the bone yard,

then I found out that the guts in the 2wd were the same as the guts in the 4wd, the only inturnal difference being the output shaft

since I happened to have a 2wd trans out of my 86 1 ton, I pulled both transmissions apart and when I was done the only parts that were replaced were the seals, snap rings and 1 bearing on the output shaft

I took all the 2wd gears, syncro's, blocking rings and bearings off the 2wd main shaft and transfered them to the 4wd main shaft

the transmission has been in the truck for about 8 monthes now and works great, I did finally get a w56 and t/case that is still sitting in the shed it's out of a later model  (it has a speed sensor) I'm doing a 4wd conversion on the 86 and it will go in the 86 with the 5.0 till I build the 5.8 with the nv4500

as for the actual rebuilding, that was the first toyota transmission that I had ever done and it wasn't that bad,  ofcourse I have rebuilt several 13 speed roadrangers but they are easy

the worst part was getting the shift rail interlock pins in place


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