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Re: Hydro Assist:box and pump mods
« Reply #210 on: Jun 07, 2007, 10:25:11 AM »
Hey Marc

I just spoke to you on the phone, and I called Freds40, and he said that he recommends disassembling the box as much as you can, and then maybe welding your allen socket to the stripped bolt to extract it. Then you could grind the welds off to save your allen socket.

Another method that I've done with stripped out bolts is to drill down the center of the bolt with a bit that is about 80% of the hole size, and then take a drimmel to grind the bolt from the inside to weaken it (it will become thin), and then take a chisel and hammer the bolt from its side to collapse it and pull it out with some pliers.

Good look dude :thumbs:

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