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Re: Toybrota's 22R build
« Reply #270 on: Jan 12, 2019, 07:57:11 PM »
Some interesting things have been happening with the build. First off, it's apparent that it has a rear main seal leak.
I had the machine shop install a sleeve on the crank, looks like it wasn't done right or they just don't work.
I'm not worried though, the oil level hasn't dropped at all. I topped off the oil after I changed the filter on break in, like 200 miles ago. Level has stayed consistent.
I think Toyota installed the steel adapter plate for a reason, prevents a leaky rear main from affecting the clutch components.

And secondly, an interesting issue with a leaky rad cap.
Today I was doing door dash, a food delivery service. I had been driving the truck around for about 2 hours, in stop and go and idling traffic. I drive up a few hills and when I stop the truck and come back, it has leaked a bit. I come home, and check the coolant after it cools down. Level is fine.
Online searching says head gasket or bad rad cap.
It can't be the head gasket. No signs whatsoever of overheating, or oil in coolant or vice versa. This rad cap is from my other truck, I just swapped them to see if it was bad. Both work fine, both radiators are the same.
The other idea is that there is too much coolant in the system. A few days ago I heard some gurgling from the heater core area, which is now since gone. I figured this normal as it working a air bubble out of the system. Haven't heard anything since.
It's possible the rad cap is just bad, it definitely doesn't fit snug. Same pressure rating.
It also isn't pushing coolant into the overflow tank. When I experienced a blow HG on a 22R that's the main thing it did.

I'm leaning towards a bad rad cap because if it were to overpressureize it would send it to the overflow tank. Not come out the cap.
Yesterday I pulled the spark plugs to see how they looked, all normal.
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