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Old new 4runner
« on: Jul 23, 2017, 08:50:38 PM »

Bought this beauty earlier Today, it's a 1997 4runner sr5, it's standard and does have the factory e locker!
It's got 345000 kilometres(I am Canadian) I got a great deal on it for 3000$. It's fully loaded, power everything and it still works after 20 years!

The only problem it has is the rear hatch won't stay shut, I did have some rope with me when I drove it home so I just tied it down, when I got home I looked into it a little further, I am very familiar with vehicle mechanics, just not super familiar with toyotas. I've read on other threads/forums that water can get in and fry the lock motor I think, but the rear window still works so that doesn't make sense. I've read about the actuater going? But I'm not really sure which it is, I could really use some help with this, I can post more pictures if needed. I just need some help to get to the root of this problem
Thanks again guys,