Author Topic: BigMike's Big Journey: A 2016 Tacoma Build Thread  (Read 173707 times)

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 The douchbag tacoma owner deal in my opinion is that 90% of taco owners just have them because they wanted a truck and heard of the reliability of a toyota. I have one with as you reference to "drop bracket lifted with unnecessarily wide tires" I'm not as cool as the kids on your coast though. Mine has no stickers or useless light bars. It simply takes my kids to school, ball practice, or wherever we all 4 need to go and obviously can't all fit into a 1st gen pickup with 2 seats lol. I very rarely have anyone with another taco say anything to me other than "where did you get those wheels". When you have something thats less than 30 years old it's not really anything different than everyone elses unless you have that awesome 3rd pedal that no one knows you have. People just don't seem to care about it Iike say a 67 ss 396 Chevelle owner would when he sees another like his. Just my observation on the subject lol.
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