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Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: 2003 Tacoma Crawler
« Last post by camhays556 on Today at 09:43:10 AM »
Do they make those Methods in a real beadlock?
Engine / Re: Toybrota's 22R build
« Last post by Toybrota on Today at 09:01:27 AM »
Just got a call from the Autoshop I dropped my truck off at.
Pegoraro Auto in Vancouver Washington, for those who are curious!

What did they find? Nothing. They hooked it up to a smoker and didn't see or couldn't find any leaks, which is interesting. Why? Because if I continuously spray carb clean at the base gaskets, it'll sputter like there is one. I cover the air filter opening when I spray, ensuring no rouge mist gets sucked in.
I believe them for sure, I've got no reason not to.

They did say they played with the mixture and idle adjustment screws, not sure what they changed. Chances are, I've run their exact setting at one point or another. They did say it runs pretty good, which I knew it did.
I'll be curious to know if the slight rumble in my seat is gone or not, we shall see.
So I spent $85 to confirm what I wasn't sure of, and to me that's worth it.

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Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: CBeers' 1985 4Runner
« Last post by gnob on Today at 08:30:09 AM »
That shitty little butt conn could be part of it.
Check the wire running out of the fuse for short to ground.
Double check alternator and related wiring.
Also double check starter solenoid.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: CBeers' 1985 4Runner
« Last post by mudmaster on Today at 07:21:48 AM »
I replaced my fusible links with inline fuses.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: CBeers' 1985 4Runner
« Last post by cbeers on Today at 07:17:10 AM »
OK guys, got through the ebrake fiasco and finished bleeding the system since it had been completely apart.
dumped some new gas in.
told my buddy let's start it and see what happens?

hook up the new, charged battery and nothing.  Not even a dash light.  Start fiddling around with wires and then POP!  Poof of smoke.  Smell of burned line.  Uh oh.

Long story short, I burned the version of fusible link that i have.  It also fried the 80a fuse, which was a learning experience in itself.
I put a post for a new fuse block on parts wanted and gnob talked me off the ledge and gave me enough info to finally figure out how to get the damn fuse out.  Who knew it was like that?  Everyone but me!  Thanks again gnob  :beerchug:

So, I got a new fuse but before I can get started on putting it in, i need to know what to do about this link?  It's...uh......not factory and I want to get it as right as I can.  As you know, I know nothing about electrical.  Can somebody lay out a very dumbed down version of how to recreate this link?  I am thinking either start fresh from the fuse plate or just cut fresh at the factory white wire, opinions?  Either way, how do I finish the link?  I found a generic 14g fusible link at autozone but it looks tiny compared to factory.  Did i get that wrong and the equivalent is actually larger than 14g?

I still need to determine WHY i blew these up.  my hunch (and input from others) is bad ground but haven't started testing yet but will soon.

First pic, the fuse and link...the broken off metal on the fuse I originally thought was part of the fuse box....I am special that way.

The link as it stands today.

For reference for anyone else unsure of the 80a fuse, here is a new one.  Note the "legs" are part of the fuse, not the box. The fuse gets pushed out the bottom of the box (screwdriver to pry the release), then unbolted  :therethere:

Shouldn't the TRs be flat at ride height?  I know the lift angle is what kills inner TREs on stock rack and pinion.
Engine / Re: Toybrota's 22R build
« Last post by Gnarly4X on Today at 04:49:25 AM »
Well everyone, I finally caved. Instead of "Wondering" what might be a cause, I dropped the damn thing off at a shop. They are gonna use their smoker to check for vacuum leaks, and do some other tests.
I'm not having them repair anything, simply just checking what's wrong so I can fix it. If I know it's "X, Y, or Z, I can know where to start.

My patience has been running thin, I am beginning to no longer enjoy working on this thing. I'm not an expert, nor will I ever claim to be.

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Hey T,

Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger regarding your frustration.  Experts and pros experience it just as much as the non-expert DIYer.

From my experience owning and maintaining “old” vehicles (and I’ve owned many), it can be very rewarding to very frustrating, from very low cost of ownership to very expensive, from very time saving to incredibly time-sucking.

Finding a “shop” or the so-called “expert” that truly knows their fecal matter has not been easy for me.  I hope the shop you are trusting will find and diagnose your problem(s).

Has LCE (your source for the intake?) offered any support or help? 

Just my gut feeling… your “leaks” seem to be happening and NOT easily diagnosed and then fixable?  I HATE leaks!  But, leaks should be fairly easy to fix once identified.

I am curious what your shop finds, what they charge you, and then how the fix works?


Looks like you're getting pretty close to the working limit of the heim for your steering. Have you thought about using an actual beefy tie rod end? Much better working angles for a steering application and better for steering than a heim. You were talking about potential for more down travel but you're going to be binding soon if not already. I've attached a couple of pics to show the working angle as well as my own application that I got.

This V2.0 looks much better than V1.0 by a lot.

Axle/Differential/Steering / Re: Power Steering Swap Questions
« Last post by Djencee on Yesterday at 11:40:40 PM »
I thought about trying to build my own kit, but there ended up being other items like the brackets & pulleys that would have to be sourced from a parts truck. I ended up just finding an entire PS system and pulled it from the truck. Everything from pulleys, hardware, cooler, etc...

All in all, once I got all the parts install was straight forward. I used this thread as my guide;

Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: 2003 Tacoma Crawler
« Last post by rapier46 on Yesterday at 11:13:41 PM »
Got bored so I cut more. 

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