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X2 on doing the clutch slave and master.  As long as your replacing tie-rod ends, ball-joints, etc., might as well and do the upper and lower A-arm bushings, and only do one alignment.
Trails & Land Use / Re: Red Mt trails on fire
« Last post by 85-4roller on Today at 01:32:27 PM »
Thanks for the updates on the Fire and best wishes to all that are in the fires paths in all states
Trails & Land Use / Re: Red Mt trails on fire
« Last post by Ryan Zwald on Today at 01:13:27 PM »
I had to evacuate from my home for a couple days, and I live on the Oregon Coast.  Tillamook, OR.  Here is a photo from the night.  You can see the led lights on the equipment.

We just had some serious East winds that dried everything out terribly. We never get east winds like this.  There was reports of 80 mph, and 52 mph near our little airport.  We usually get East winds over the next 2 months off and on.  But its never over 20 mph.  But the winds we had, brought our humidity down to 5%. 
If it was do clutch master/slave..MC stainless steel line to replace rubber line..
I like to use bread..yeah..thats right, bread to get pilot bearing out.. may as well do rear main seal on engine..and front seal on hopefully aren't back in there for another 200k..

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what everyone else said.

id recommend making or rent/borrow/buy a slide hammer to get the pilot bearing out. ive packed grease behind the bearing and used a bolt roughly the size of the hole and hit it with a hammer to compress the grease and pop it out. sometimes it works and sometimes it dont. slide hammer works every time. :beerchug:

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New Member Check-In! / Re: New member from WY here
« Last post by RUGER on Today at 03:32:14 AM »
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Trails & Land Use / Re: Red Mt trails on fire
« Last post by hytenor on Yesterday at 10:20:57 PM »
without proper forest management these fires will only get worse.
Welcome to the forum.

I would definitely replace the seal (Toyota factory) and gasket on the input shaft housing. :thumbs:

Having to drop the tranny is the 2nd most dreaded thing I've done on my Toy trucks!!

Gnarls. :biggthumpup:
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: Toyodaaddict's 1980 "The Blue Truck"
« Last post by toyodaaddict on Yesterday at 09:48:22 PM »
The orange makes me think rust too. How deep is the groove? If it is too deep a new seal wouldn’t solve the problem. The only way to fix a groove would be to braze new material onto the axle to build it up, then have it turned smooth. Heating the axle enough to braze it might not be good for it. I think a seal needs at least .001” of stretch to seal properly. Measure it and see what you have. 

Sorry, I wasnt very clear. I have new seals to install.  I'm trying to decide if the spindle needs to be replaced. I'm thinking it does. Im ashamed to say, I dont have the tools to measure, I really need to get some.
Now I'm questioning If I should replace the wheel bearings aswell. The inner part of the bearing that rides on the spindle has the same discoloration as seen on the spindle in the pic. I wasnt expecting any issues with these parts. Seems like just yesterday I installed them  :smack: haha!
I'm tempted to just run it till spring and then replace everything.
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