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Chit Chat Camp / Re: Did everyone die?
« Last post by Gnarly4X on Today at 04:14:59 AM »
More people are into Facebook Groups.

Actually the recent backlash regarding the election results, suspected corruption and voting systems manipulation, fraudulent vote counting, has many people abandoning Twitter and Facebook, as well as Fox News.

Parler and NewsMax are the 2 conservative sources that millions of people are subscribing to.

Chit Chat Camp / Re: Scary Stuff
« Last post by Gnarly4X on Today at 04:03:44 AM »
prob should hit some test 400, seems like its working for everyone else I kno


As you know Test 400 is an injectable hormone.  At your age, seriously lacking Testosterone (Low T - below 300 ng/dL) would be somewhat unusual.   In men, Testosterone levels may decline about 1% per year after the age of 30.

When it comes to hormones, for me I would be very very careful with testing and taking any prescribed critical hormone.  Messing the body's hormone balance can be very risky.  There are too many blood quacks out there (drs who scam the unaware out their money by testing their blood and then making up false assessment of the diagnosis).  So... if I decided to have a blood test for any hormone deficiency, I would want to find a very reputable Endocrinologist, and then I would do research and be very knowledgeable on the supplement being prescribed.


Chit Chat Camp / Re: Scary Stuff
« Last post by Snowtoy on Yesterday at 03:25:14 PM »
im really wondering how the vaccine is gonna work. is it gonna be 'mandatory'  like the masks. what about those that refuse to get the vaccine are they gonna be denied employment or benefits or whatever. i really dont want it and i work in government, will it be mandatory fer me to keep my job. if its mandatory i might quit, call me crazy, mark of the beast stuff.
will those that refuse the shot or tested positive have to wear a gold star...think nazi germany.

i love my country but fear my government.

RUGER :usa: :beer: :usa:

Masks are not nor can they be made mandatory, to wear in public, doing so violates the 1st Amendment, and can only be forced/enforced on those who have tested positive for a communicable diseases, not those who may have it.  Of course not wearing one risks you being harassed by the police and costing you more money to fight it then it may be worth, but that doesn't make the mandate legal.

As far a the vaccine goes, like with wearing a mask while at work, employers do have the ability to force their employers to get a vaccine, and given your employment in government, I am sure the lemmings will demand you too.  Of course, you could claim your religious beliefs forbids you to get one, you became a vegan and can't get one because they are made from eggs, or if you are like a sister of mine and are allergic to egg products, then they can't force you to get one.

You are right to fear your government, as we have seen in Dem controlled states and cities, they have no problem trampling your rights out of fear, and I don't expect them to stop even after the vaccine is available,.  They have gotten a taste of unchecked power, and they love it.
Chit Chat Camp / Re: Did everyone die?
« Last post by 86bobbedtoy on Yesterday at 02:53:27 PM »
Happy T-Day

thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all as well
Chit Chat Camp / Re: Did everyone die?
« Last post by 86bobbedtoy on Yesterday at 02:52:55 PM »
F.  Facebook.  Never have never will.

Suspension / Re: Front axle spring perch... left vs right
« Last post by toyodaaddict on Yesterday at 01:40:01 PM »
Yes. The driver side perch is lower. You can add a spacer, 3/8" I think it is. Toyota used a taller driver side spring to deal with this. Most after market springs are the same height, left to right and require a spacer.
Suspension / Front axle spring perch... left vs right
« Last post by Eschenfeldt on Yesterday at 11:23:54 AM »
Is the front axle spring perch on the passenger side slightly raised compared to the driver side because itís pushed up against the diff housing? Is it just my eyes because it appears to be about an inch higher or so? I would just measure but I have a rock driveway and canít get an accurate measurement. Iím having a hell of a time trying to get my truck to sit level.
Chit Chat Camp / Re: What would be your dream job?
« Last post by ryantowry_81 on Yesterday at 10:51:01 AM »
That sounds more like heaven than a business plan. Hahaha

I was just thinking our area does not have a go cart track. I bet I could do some indoor go carts and have a lot of fun at it and make some money.
*taps mic*

Tire and Wheel Tech / Re: Big tires with road type tread
« Last post by Gnarly4X on Yesterday at 10:27:45 AM »
Are you talking about the MT Baja Claw Tires? Or the Baja MTZP3? I am thinking of ordering the MT Baja Boss tires on 4wheelonline.

trigrate .... I assume you can see the OP hasn't posted here for over a year?  :gap:

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