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I suggest you look at Low Range Off-Road. Inch Worm stuff is available there.

Good luck.
 Nothin's ever easy....  :shake:
i have hundreds of parts not listed i work 2 jobs and run this biz so hmu if you don't see what you need and i might be able to source it or i already have it for sale
From everything I read I'm surprised '1979-1995 Toyota Pickup Truck' isn't the most popular since it's the ideal platform for custom projects. I have the 1992 platform and I love it. Do you have the RF1A cross member bolts? I have what appear to have the treads rusted off them while in place. I may need to chase the threads and clean out the area they thread into. Any idea what size tap to use? M12-1.25? or? Thanks for the quick shipping on my driveshaft bolts buddy!!! Talk soon! Scott :thumbs:
No i don't have any spare xmember hardware, they have a certain thread pitch and length
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Welcome to  :turtlehead:
Do you have any AC parts for first gen pickups? LSPVs? Shift boot for a 4x4? Doesn't need to be in good condition, but I threw mine away not knowing I'd need to keep the metal retaining ring for it.
The orange 1st gen i parted out had AC but the aluminum lines with fittings were all seized together so I managed to sell the AC components that I could salvage from the rig for $300 shipped to cali but the lines were not all salvagable.  The 2-way LSPV (79-83 lspv is different than 84-95) sold for $120 and i'm out of stock on that style LSPV i have a couple 3 line LSPV's but theyve been dismantled for a bit so i would just consider advertising those on craigslist so the customer could see it first before they hand me the cash.  I sold the L43 shift boot for $70 that I had
Yes would have to lengthen the front and shorten the rear drive shafts. Also have to get a "lefty" case.

My friend's body shop did the paint
Such a sweet rig!

Who did the paint?
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