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  1. New 4.70:1 XD Gear Set
  2. 30-Spline Chromoly Birfield and Axle Shafts available again!
  3. The Marlin Crawler Commercial
  4. Broken Cast Steering Arms
  5. Yukon Grizzly Locker Special $2,000 Warranty
  6. New Apparel, Jacket, Hydration Backpack, Now In Stock!
  7. The shout box
  8. New Product: Heavy Duty Long Spline Driveline
  9. Marlin Crawler's New Brake Combo is now available for online ordering
  10. toybox pricing
  11. Created a couple new Child Boards on the Forum today
  12. MC10 Chain Drive Dual Adapter -- NOW IN STOCK AND READY!
  13. Closed for Thanksgiving
  14. We will be closed Tuesday, 11/17
  15. MOVED: For Sale: MISC Ring & Pinion BLOW OUT
  16. Crawlbox less Input Gears
  17. Labor Day Low Range Sale
  18. Marlin Crawler Announces Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Tundra Transfer Case Line
  19. Dual Case Adapter Sale?
  20. New Transmission Gear Ratio Chart Online
  21. Tacoma 4cyl 5spd adapters back in stock! *finally*
  22. Kudo's to Marlin & the Crawler
  23. BREAKING NEWS: Marlin Crawler Formula Toy Team Wins Final W.E. Rock Comp
  24. New Billet Shift Fork for R-Series Transmissions
  25. Direct Payments now available on website!
  26. Marlin Crawler is proud to release it's new Website!
  27. Many Appologies to everyone
  28. JCB Tube Doors: Updated with new pictures!
  29. Marlin Crawler EcoSeal Product Line Announced!
  30. MCR8 Round-Up Registration Now Open!
  31. New Product Available Online: Replacement ARB Seal Housings
  32. New Event Picture Gallery
  33. Resolved PayPal checkout error
  34. any sales coming up?
  35. Server Work In Progress
  36. MOVED: Baja 1000- Marlin Crawler "prototype" Transmission
  37. marlin crawler t360
  38. Marlin Crawler Billet lower trunion cap?
  39. Website Account no longer required for Online Ordering
  40. Homepage error....
  41. Marlin Crawler Magazine Print Ads Now Displayed Online
  42. dual adapter sale?
  43. EcoSeal Master Kit GIVE AWAY! [WINNER!]
  44. GOT MARLIN? Stickers
  45. HD Marlin Crawler Transfercase Output Seal?
  46. December Product Promotion!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. Welcome to MCI Forum Version 2
  48. Web site up date?
  49. When is the new Output shaft being released?
  50. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year