Author Topic: :)Bestgen’s Annual Birthday Run, Feb 23rd 2019 at Tahuya Washington  (Read 909 times)

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#1 you don't need that. Solid bday gift though
#2 is this like the 4th radiator
#3 good idea
#4 what? Poor blue thunder
#5 are you serious? Swap side for side? It's always leaned. So does Mine.
#6 leaking?

1. Great heads up play by letting me know about booster
2. 3rd, 1st was cheapo to get by, 2nd was champion, leaks in 3 different spots... 
4. Yes you saw, the left bed fender
5. Got roudy, think i bent rr spring, truck has pimp lean to the right
6. My brass line leaked before from my improper routing, i soldered it before to temporarily fix it, but compressor runs every 10 seconds, ultimately i need to diagnose the leak 1st.  But i think i was pushing out grease passed seals in to knuckles do to positive pressure in housing.  I just want to go in and replace anything suspect...


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