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84 extra cab frame
« on: May 30, 2018, 01:55:04 PM »
Wrecking yard was going to crush this truck, cab and engine toast. its gone but I took the front axle and frame. I selling this in conjunction with the yard so payments will be made to them not me. They are a legit biz so out of stater's can take comfort in that. Anything that was bolted on came off, anything welded, stayed on. This is just the frame. If you are going to do a SAS this is a better way to go. Put your cab and engine on this frame. Not wrecked or bent. Surface rust only I would put my truck on this frame as I have an extra cab but cooler yet in that my truck was a reg cab long bed now its a extra cab long bed as I cut the frame and added 9 inches. (giving myself a plug for the cool factor) HAH HAH!

I have the axle too. I dis-assembled it to make it easier to move. Axle doesn't include diff or orig. steering as, why ship something you'll replace? Comes with ASIN hubs which I serviced.

Frame and axle in Belgrade Montana (near Bozeman) zip is 59714. Frame I guess weighs 400-500 lbs and axle I'd say 150lbs. Don't ask me how much it will cost to ship, you figure it out or pick it up.

Axle $300   Frame $650. Much cheaper, better than cutting out IFS
AND I have the title and all data plates with vin numbers, so its legit.
My email is better to contact me at,( ). I currently don't have a phone. The owner of yard and myself are friends. The sale is up to me. I will give you contact info when you are ready to buy but the guys at the desk or my friend aren't involved and don't know answers to any questions.


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