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Toyota Pickup/4Runner Tech 1979-95 / Re: Pickup Won't Turn Off???
« Last post by Lewis Hein on Today at 07:44:27 PM »
Sounds like maybe a bad replacement ignition coil and module, maybe a bad starter switch?

That's an internet-based diagnosis from someone who has never had this problem. Estimated value about half of what you paid for it  :gap:
Engine / Re: Toybrota's 22R build
« Last post by Toybrota on Today at 07:43:04 PM »
Much accomplished today on the build.

As some suggested, I used a Heli-coil to fix the broken water pump stud. It Was super easy!

I also set the cylinder head on the block to see how the end product Will look. Man, I can't wait!

This week I am having someone help with the broken intake studs, the plan is to weld a nut on.
We're gonna use Tig as it's a good process for extracting broken studs/bolts, since you can heat the stud up really hot and add a ton of filler.
I'd do it myself but I'm only a first year welding student, and we can't bring our own stuff to work on unfortunately.

I'm thinking of painting the head as well, as it would provide a really uniform look. Plus, it'd be child's play to spot a leak!

All my stuff from LCE and 22RE performance arrived. Re-ground stock cam, and vaccum lines are among the items ordered.
I'm also super excited to completely de-smog this motor, I'll be starting with a complete EGR delete. Cooler plate and everything.
I've heard these trucks run best completely de-smogged with a Weber, so that's the end goal.

Question, can one completely de-smog a motor running the stock AISIN carb and have it run right? Can't go wrong with a Weber, but I've also heard the stock carbs are great too.

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Toyota Pickup/4Runner Tech 1979-95 / Pickup Won't Turn Off???
« Last post by colezombie on Today at 05:30:42 PM »
Hey guys, I've been having a lot of issues lately with my truck. I just put a 22reperformance 22r in it. I drove it for a bit and some weird stuff started happening. First of all, when I turn the key to the off position the truck continues to run. At first I assumed that the timing was off and therefore it wouldn't die, but now I'm thinking there's something else wrong. Also, recently my GM ignition module died on me. I replaced the coil and module and since then if I rev the motor up it back fires terribly and there is absolutely no power. I just got it back from a shop who was stumped and didn't want to go any further with it.

Any ideas from you guys? :sick:
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: 81 pickup 5vz swap
« Last post by spuds015 on Today at 03:47:40 PM »
Small update.

I got the crossover back from toyonlyswaps. It seems they made just a couple cuts on the tube and rearranged the flanges so no material is added or taken which, fingers crossed, shouldn't fail the inspection. Everything on the back side of the engine has plenty of clearance as well.

Now that I have this back I'll be test fitting the engine in the truck probably tomorrow.

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Parts For Sale / SA lockouts and brand new chromoly hub gears
« Last post by 88sasturbotoy on Today at 03:32:07 PM »
I have an in good shape set of solid axle lockouts.  Also coming with the lockouts is a brand new in the bag set of chromoly hub gears inner and outer.  Asking 150 shipped to lower 48.  Text is best as I dont check here that often anymore.  724 967 7468 thanks
Chit Chat Camp / Re: Fun and games with ice maker......
« Last post by emsvitil on Today at 02:40:49 PM »

I think a cycle tripped, then there wasn't any water pressure to close the valve and it dribbled until the line emptied.

Releasing the residual house pressure after turning off the main should do the trick too.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: The Macheen rebuild
« Last post by nwflyoda on Today at 11:41:18 AM »
That's good to know.  It's honestly very hard to get much more turn on the nut even with the mini sledge hammer.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: The Macheen rebuild
« Last post by joeyf on Today at 11:37:18 AM »
Nice👍 when doing that do a third of the turn method. We do this at work some times and is a fairly accurate way to torque if you don't have anything.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: The Macheen rebuild
« Last post by nwflyoda on Today at 11:26:09 AM »
Sounds good, thanks!
is there a target weight you are shooting for? love to see a stock weight vs race ready

Stock is 4,250-4500.  I'm sure we cut weight when we stripped the interior, removed the powered/heated seats, pulled the fuel tank, put on salvage doors, and put on fiberglass fenders.  The armor, fuel cell, cage, axles, and suspension will add weight back.

We've been cognizant of weight on everything we've done, but we haven't sacrificed strength/performance for weight savings.  It's a V8, so it's going to be heavy no matter what we do.
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