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Engine / Re: '91 22re Idles surge w/A/C on and brake pedal depressed.
« Last post by Snowtoy on Today at 02:16:20 PM »
Yah, thought that as well as I have it usually set about 1k, except when being smog checked. I will mess with it again this afternoon/evening.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: Rexy Re-Do: SUPER SLEEPER 1ST GEN!
« Last post by H8PVMNT on Today at 09:03:36 AM »
Did a bit of an inventory on to do now. Four and a half inch shorter trans made a lot more work than I expected.  I have to re-do the re-done trans tunnel (almost done), then tweak the cross member a bit to fit in the tapered, narrower part of the frame, re-do mounting points for cross member, re-redo drivelines, seat mounting, then it's just easy stuff like making all the lights work, gauges, interior niceties which can be done on the fly.  I do have a new windshield and gasket to make it stop raining inside the cab.

Caleb's truck wouldn't start this morning.  Something stupid, seems like no fuel. I am almost to the point if I can take a day off I could be driving the '80 to work instead.  We'll see how it goes.  I am tired.
Engine / Re: '91 22re Idles surge w/A/C on and brake pedal depressed.
« Last post by liveoak on Today at 08:49:57 AM »
that issue is usually caused by the idle being set too high on a 22re on the set screw of the throttle body. here is a quote from 4crawler

"Hi Roger;

I have a 94 4wd p/u w/ 22re.  My engine runs great, except for when it is idling and I depress the brake pedal.  The engine then idles really weird, kind of a strong then weak then strong then weak, so on and so forth.  It never cuts out, though, and continues to idle normally when I take my foot off of the brake.  Iíve only noticed this after driving, like at a stoplight.  Thanks; Jason McDannold

Hi Jason;

Assuming there are no vacuum leaks, such as in the brake booster, itís likely because your idle speed is set too high.  I can exactly duplicate this ďproblemĒ in my Ď85 by bumping up the idle speed to a bit over 1000 RPM and itíll act as described.  Turn the idle speed back to normal, and it works fine.  Itís really not a problem, its supposed to work this way and if everything is set properly, and you wonít have the ďproblemĒ.

Why is this the case?  Because the ECU has logic built in that says if you hit the brakes and the engine is turning over 1000-1100 RPM, itíll cut the fuel to the injectors in an attempt to help you stop faster.  After all, no sense pumping gas into the engine when you are braking to a stop.  So idle rises, fuel is cut, idle falls, fuel restored, idle rises, etc.  Turn the idle back to 850-900 RPM where itís supposed to be and itíll get back to normal.  Idle speed is adjusted with the large slotted screw atop the throttle body.  Turn it in to lower the amount of air passing through the throttle body at idle (and thus lower the idle speed).
Tow Rig and Trailers / Re: 84 dodge crew cab build
« Last post by redneckcustoms13 on Today at 08:39:04 AM »
Just got off the phone with ptac Jim was very helpful and suggested that I use a 29 tooth speedometer gear. Got it on the way.
Engine / '91 22re Idles surge w/A/C on and brake pedal depressed.
« Last post by Snowtoy on Today at 12:44:54 AM »
Like the title says, the idle surges with the A/C on and brake pedal depressed.

Idle w/a/c off is about 800, turn A/C on and it jumps to about 1500, no issue until you depress the brakes, then the idle drops, rises moderately back to 1500, then drops.

I adjusted the A/C idle up screw, dropped the rpm's to 1200, same response, only slower for the rpm's to climb back to 1200, then drops to back to 8-900,.  I kept adjusting it a little at time, cycling the throttle, depressed the pedal,  until it stopped surging.  However, at the point it stops surging, when you turn the A/C off, and then back on, the rpm's drop, which was the issue I tried resolving last yr.

Now, the kicker is, if I use the throttle to raise rpm's to 1200 or 1500 with the A/C on, while the brake pedal is depressed, there is no surge like there is when the A/C idle up raises the rpm's.

I am I just not finding the sweet spot?
Trail Reports, Events, and Gatherings / Re: Dry Run 2018: California
« Last post by blackdiamond on Yesterday at 08:53:43 PM »
Trail Reports, Events, and Gatherings / Re: Dry Run 2018: California
« Last post by :)bestgen4runner on Yesterday at 08:07:41 PM »
This is the link to prove I am telling the truth. I donít like flaking out on the Homies but I canít pass up this opportunity.
My middle Son and I both pulled Doe tags for the same hunting area this year. These are not easy tags to receive and they can take a long time to draw. The one I pulled has taken Me 5 years.
I have several hobbies Hunting, Fishing, and wheeling. I have been successfull in making My first son addicted to all three. Carson loves Fishing and Wheeling without question. Now I have the opportunity to hook Him on hunting. I canít pass it up. Iím sure We are all in the same boat when it comes to yearly vacation time off. Unfortunately I canít do a week in California and a week Deer hunting this year. I have to choose one :down:
I am officially dropping out for the shoutbox roundup. I apologize to all parties involved, please understand this is not how I roll. If I make a commitment I follow threw. Just canít waist this much effort and opportunity. I am sorry and hope You all still make it happen.
Formula Toy & Competition Tech Talk / Re: Nothing new
« Last post by joeyf on Yesterday at 05:07:54 PM »
Am a little afraid of how the lower chassis tubes are going to last. Over the years my sliders have been pushed up so far that I canít open the doors. So I welded up some ruff stuff tube reinforcements, they arenít going to make them last forever but I am hoping for longer than not doing anything at all.

Formula Toy & Competition Tech Talk / Re: Nothing new
« Last post by joeyf on Yesterday at 04:43:18 PM »

Thanks 👍

Got the trans and cases in to see how I want to mount it all up.

Decided to keep the skid and cases mounted separate. With them being separate I went ahead and filled all the holes in the skid.

With the skid separate I was able to push it up into the frame and mount it flat instead of angled like stock. The driver case mount is a little smaller than I would like but I have to keep it under the top of the frame and still have room for the exhaust.

This is gonna be fun!!!

(Quasi Spoiler Alert)
Wyatt, I can't wait till this 4Runner is in your shop!  :clap:
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