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Parts Wanted / 4.7 low range gear wanted
« Last post by 1985CRAWLER on Today at 10:15:00 AM »
Well apparently Marlin crawler won't warranty my broke 4.7s even though they are only
A month out of the year warranty or won't sell me just the low range gear I need ...anyone have some used 4.7s or just the low range gear ? Trying to make MCR still
longer travel shocks were on the to-do list anyways, but it sucks not having rear shocks!  I wish it was 2027 so I could just start building my 4runner... haha!
That was my next concern, but fortunately I hadn't been driving it very much since noticing the noise, and I hadn't wheeled it.  Everything appeared to be fine, none of the holes appeared to be ovaled out or anything.  Leaf spring center pin was fine.  On a positive note, This means my springs are finally broke in!  Right in time for my rear shocks to start pissing oil...  :hammerhead:
very nice man.
1979-1983: How-To Guides / Re: Charge lamp relay
« Last post by sjelite on Today at 08:51:34 AM »
That looks great! Where did you get thoe little routing tabs for the hard line? Did you make them?

They are simple brake line tabs I got from ruff stuff a while back.  Originally, I was planning to use them to mount soft lines from the calipers but I didn't like how the soft lines were gonna work.  I was able to find some rubber grommets at ACE that fit in nicely and worked well with the gravel guard.
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: ToyYoda's 1994 Pickup Build Thread
« Last post by kaalsb on Today at 07:54:25 AM »
That looks great! Where did you get thoe little routing tabs for the hard line? Did you make them?
Project Research and Build-Ups / Re: Whitey the 1 Ton
« Last post by H8PVMNT on Today at 07:53:05 AM »
We unloaded it at home next to the '80 but I apparently have exceeded my quota for non-mobile Toyotas at the homestead.  Back on the trailer it went to get moved to a buddy's large, unused outbuilding for a season or two until I can get the engine together for it.

In the mean time I will collect bits for it and set up a third member.  I have 2 options, 3.90s which is the correct, stock ratio for this truck, or 4.30s which would require a little more tire.  4.10s would be great but I think I am out of 8" 4.10s in the shed.

I am going to do some tire size math and see what size gets me slightly deeper than stock gearing with the 4.30s, then check out cost of tires over time before I decide what gears and tires to run on it. More sidewall would be nice on dirt washboards and running 15s would probably get me better tire options than the stock 14" rims.  I may just run the 3.90s and the stock size if I can get something dirt friendly that small. I may chuck a spool in it too, because of drifty fun.

By the way, I am on the hunt for an unmolested carb truck harness of the proper body style, is anyone is gutting a pickup somewhere...
So I decided to ditch the softline from the caliper and run hard lines instead.  I picked up some 3/16" Copper-Nickle brake line tubing and finally got a change to try out the eastwood flaring tool. 

Here is my first practice flare that I made.  Looks pretty good to me and was super easy to do.

After making a couple more test flares I started to bend up the actual lines to run along the rear axle.  I added some of the gravel guard shielding over the lines as well.  I will say the copper-nickel lines are pretty easy to bend and I did everything by hand.  For my first time bending up brake lines I feel like things came out pretty decent.

I also picked up a wilwood proportioning valve for the rear lines but I'm not sure where to install it yet.  I've seen some in the back area where the original LSVP was installed and I've seen them in the engine bay next to the master cylinder.  The engine bay seems like a better place but I'm still thinking about options. 

So for now I think I'm happy with the way the rear lines turned out.
hows your swap going?
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